Working Together

Working Together

Telling your STory

The world's most respected organizations are also the most understood. People align themselves with organizations that represent their values and beliefs; that begins with understanding who you are. Let's ensure people understand where your organization is today and plans to go in the future by:

  • Crafting your narrative, defining your values and bringing your vision to life through comprehensive storytelling
  • Empowering your people through strategic messaging and stories that show the value they bring to one another and the world around them
  • Bringing your programming and initiatives to life verbally and visually


Evolving Your Digital Presence

The attention span of readers on mobile devices is around eight seconds and is decreasing. I can help you capitalize on every second through:

  • Creating a visually stimulating website that translates to mobile devices from smartphones to tablets
  • Developing social media accounts with unique identities and content that users care about and share
  • Leveraging all available communications channels, from blogs to e-newsletters and digital campaigns, that show the world that you're an industry leader

integrated Communications planning + execution

Over communicating can be just as dangerous under communicating when it comes to growing and maintaining your audience. Together we can:

  • Position who you are, what you do and the value you bring to your audience through strategic messaging
  • Identify the audiences that matter to you, the messages they care about and strategize how to reach them where they are at the right time
  • Grow your reach through creative campaigns, channels and tactics using your current resources and capabilities